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   Designed to help bring relief to families with dignity and compassion in times of distress, we have established the Milk and Honey Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Milk and Honey Project is a community outreach campaign that allows others to share their support with those in need by providing a “hand up” and NOT a “hand-out”. Our mission is to bring together interested community members, merchants, nonprofit providers, faith-based and other community outreach organizations to partner with the Milk and Honey Project. Partnering together is vital to meeting the needs in the greatest way. The Milk and Honey Project is a creative and engaging way to involve the community to help in providing those needs. It does not duplicate existing programs or services; rather, it complements current services provided by others in our area.

   Through our past programs and events, we provided much needed support and services to hundreds of families. We have built a solid network of partners and friends that share in our vision of compassion and love toward our community. We are thankful for your partnership and would greatly appreciate your continued support. We need your prayers and your generosity in order to continue this labor of love. We are always accepting donations on our "Donate" page, or if you'd rather donate your time, click "Get Involved" above and find an event that's right for you.